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Import export code number

Import Export code number is for those who wants to import or export their goods or services.


Those who are manufacturers, suppliers, traders, service providers, professionals can provide services and goods worldwide like United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, Asia, Europe and various countries.


We provide consultancy services to avail of this certificate. Other services like MEIS license, Promotion council registration, Advance license from DGFT.


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steps for fssai registration

FSSAI food License Number of for food supplier, wholesaler, Manufacturer, Hotels, resturants, etc. Food and beverages and packed food manufacturer, supplier, traders.


FSSAI License Requirement

It is mandatory for all the FBO apart from small-scale business to obtain FSSAI License. It is classified under two categories i.e State FSSAI License and Central FSSAI License that is only based on the size of the business whether it is a medium scale or large scale business.

Usually, FBO having large manufacturers, importers, exporters dealing in a large-scale food business need to obtain FSSAI registration from Central government and FBO with small to medium-sized manufacturing units, transporters, marketers, traders etc, require to take FSSAI registration from the state government.

Procedure for checking Eligibility for Registration Certificate, State or Central License (For all applicants):

1. For obtaining the centralise, state license or registration certificate, you have to check the eligibility option.

2.Then you have to provide the serial number, name and all other information which have been asked by the department.

3.You can operate in more than one premise or unit and work in multiple districts or states.

4. The final step is to check your eligibility

Procedure for Central License Application

1. According to the eligibility criteria, if you come in the category for Central License then you will be directed to the Central Licensing page where you have to fill out the application shown according to Food Safety and Standards Act 2006. Every data provided to the department should be correct and appropriate.

2. Do make sure to write down generic names like coconut oil, flavored milk and not brand names.

3. Make sure that the names of food products which you list must be approved products as per FSS Act 2006

4.If you want to add a new product then click on ‘Select Food Category’ in the screen of Food Processing Unit and from the drop down menu select the food category. Fill all food items one by one but for clarity. Fill up all information correctly as the same will appear on your License.

5. Next step is to download the form.You can even upload the form by using electronic signature.

6. Now you are coming towards the end of the process. At last of the screen you will be asked for how many years you want to apply. You have to choose the appropriate period of time.

Procedure for State License Application:

1. After you have checked your eligibility and you are eligible for multi licenses then you can apply for state license individually.

2.Based on the pre-check procedure if you are falling in the category for State License then you will be directed to the State Licensing page where you will fill out the application shown according to Ac of food security, 2006.

3.The procedure for state licensing application is very similar to Central License Application. It is filled in the same way as of central. The process is similar to that of central license as mentioned above.

refered by FSSAI Food License

How to apply for MSME Registration

MSME registration is for manufacturer and service providers located in India. MSME act 2006  is for all Small Scale Industry located in all districts in India. MSME meaning Micro Small Medium Enterprise.

What is MSME Enterprises?

MSME endeavors of assembling division can be ordered based on sum put resources into plant and apparatus –

Miniaturized scale endeavors Entities putting not exactly

25 lakhs in plant and apparatus

Little undertakings Entities contributing between 25 lakhs and  5 crores in plant and apparatus

Medium undertakings Entities contributing between  5 crores and  10 crores in plant and apparatus

MSME undertakings in the administration segment can be classified based on sum put resources into gear

Small scale ventures Entities contributing not exactly 10 lakhs

Little undertakings Entities contributing more than 10 lakhs however not exactly 2 crores

Medium ventures Entities contributing 2 crores however not exactly 5 crores

Temporary enlistment is given in the underlying five years if a substance hasn’t begun its business yet. During this period, it can get advances from banks, and apply for different NOCs from administrative bodies. When the substance begins its activities, it can apply for a lasting permit which has a lifetime legitimacy, except if dropped.

Archives Required

The substance needs to submit place of work confirmation, duplicates of procurement and deal bill, and licenses from administrative bodies.

a. Work locale Proof

On the off chance that the reason is self-claimed Allotment letter, ownership letter, rent deed or property expense receipt. In the event that there is a metropolitan permit in the business name or for the sake of the owner, accomplice or executive of the business, no other belonging record is required to be submitted.

In the event that the reason is leased Rent receipt and a no complaint endorsement from the landowner is required. Likewise, any service bill or archive confirming the landowner’s possession is to be submitted.

b. Duplicates of Sale Bill and Purchase Bill

Business is required to submit a duplicate of offer bill identified with each final result that it will supply. Likewise, for every crude material that it will buy, a buy bill must be submitted.

c. Association Deed/MoA and AoA

In the event that the business is an association firm, it needs to present its organization deed. On the off chance that the association firm is enlisted, it needs to submit enrollment declaration moreover.

In the event of an organization, the duplicate of Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association, and authentication of joining must be submitted. With it, a duplicate of the goals go all in all gathering, and a duplicate of board goals approving a chief to sign the MSME application is likewise to be submitted.

d. Duplicate of Licenses and Bills of Machinery Purchased

In a few cases, the candidate needs to present a duplicate of a mechanical permit which is to be acquired by giving an application to Govt. of India. Further, all bills and receipts identified with buy and establishment of plant and hardware must be remained careful and required to be submitted on interest.

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how to apply for trademark

how to apply for a trademark in India, trademark registration fees in India, trademark attorney registration, documents required for trademark registration in India, trademark registration process flowchart

What is a Trademark?
A Trademark generally refers to a “brand” or “logo”.

Trademark registration can also be obtained for a business name, distinctive catch phrases, taglines or captions.

Properly used and promoted, a Trademark may become the most valuable asset of a business. Trademarks such as Coca Cola, HP, Canon, Nike and Adidas serve as an indication of origin of the goods as well as an indication of quality.

It is also essential to obtain trademark registration for the business name/trade name under the Trademarks Act. Registration of a company or business name under the Companies Act does not in itself give protection against others who might commence using identical or similar marks.

Use of TM, SM and ® symbols

‘TM’ stands for Trademark and ‘SM’ stands for Servicemark. The use of TM and SM symbols notifies the public that the company is claiming exclusive ownership of the trademark and can generally be used by one who has filed a trademark application.

The ® symbol, can be used only once the trademark is registered and the registration certificate is issued. Also, you may use the registration symbol only in connection with the goods and/or services in respect of which the trademark is registered.

The registration process is the same for both trademarks and service marks.

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