IEC Code

Import Export Code Number is important for imports of goods and exports of goods and services.

IEC Code is for all entrepreneurs, Individuals, Professionals and service providers to import and exports goods and services from overseas.

Import Export Code Number

IECode Number is for Manufacturer, traders, wholesaler, supplier, Service providers, Professionals, Individuals.

Exports goods and services in the United States, United Kingdom, Great Britain, Australia, New Zeland, Africa, Asian countries, for exporting goods and services from India.

India Exports various goods like Agriculture products, processed food products, Dairy products, Textile machinery and products, Gems and jewellery products, and many more.

Import export code for Manufacturer

IEC code is for manufacturers located in India to export goods and products from India. Exporting raw and finished goods from India is most important to improve Indian GDP.

India is majorly exporting machinery, for textiles, engineerings like electrical, mechanical, pharmaceuticals and many more products.

Also, India exports Handicraft goods from India from various villages and small towns located in India. Hand-mad products like bedsheets, sarees, purses, baskets, lamps, candles, contemporary arts, clay products, ext.

IEC code application

Now every business can register with Import export code for their firms or companies companies. located in India. The company may be Private Limited, LLP, Partnership, Proprietorship, Trust or NGOs, etc.

Individuals and professionals can also apply for Import export code to Import or exports goods and services from foreign countries.

the eligibility for IEC code is a person should be an Indian citizen and holding Aadhaar card and PAN card both. This might be a company or individual or personal name.

Export-Import code number is valid for a lifetime once registered with the foreign trade department of India. Nowadays this is online process tp get OE code mi, ner/

Who can register with IEcode Number ?

Those who are Indian citizen and having PAN card and AAdhar card are eligible to get IEC Code.

Which companies can be avail IE Code Number to Impor and export goods and services ?

Private Limited company, LLP company, Partnership, proprietorship company can get registered with IECode.

Individual can get IEC code Number?

Yes, an individual, professionals, farmers, lawyers, doctors, engineers, self employee, contractor, etc.

Why Import Export code number is important and when ?

Import-export code is required while importing or exporting goods, products or services by individual, companies, professionals, etc.

IEC code number is most useful for all individuals, service providers, manufacturers, MSME units, etc. Import-export code License is to get imported or exported products or services.

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